Cowboy Psalms
There have been cowboy poets for about as long as there have been cowboys. Might have something to do with all the long hours they spend with a horse as their best friend, and confidant. Winston Churchill said, "There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man." Ron Secoy says, "God's love is like a good horse on which you can depend. Strong, true, and sure footed." In a time when it has become so fashionable to cast God aside, Ron shows the way to enjoy a great ride. Dutch Henry

Cowboy at Heart/Tales from the Trail

My new book is out.  You'll like the format.  Cowboy poetry, scripture and commentary. 

Call it a devotional if you like, I call it a labor of love and inspirational.

Ride with me and the Big trail Boss as we ride up the trail, gathering the strays and pointing the way to not only the end of the trail, but the life after the end of the trail.  

​​My first CD - Cowboy Psalms

Loaded with poetry from the book including the title poem, Cowboy Psalms. 

Jan Hicks Carroll adds the Mountain Dulcimer music to "Outlaw" and "Adam and Eve."  While Duane Paul adds the spiritual element of the Native American Flute to "Mustang".

​Hearing the recited poem adds depth and meaning to every poem.

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